Payment Details - Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance

Programs offered at Wyoming public education institutions

    • Generally, all certificate and degree programs at University of Wyoming and Wyoming Community Colleges qualify for payment.

        • 100 % of in-state tuition and mandatory fees charged to every student

        • Optional fees, program fees, individual course fees, lab fees, books, etc. are not paid.

    • Workforce development programs are typically not approved as they do not qualify for GI Bill approval due to accreditation and refund policies.

Programs at private institutions offered at approved campuses within the state (Park University, WyoTech, Sage Technical Services, and others)

    • Only programs offered at the in-state campus and approved for GI Bill.

        • ONLINE ENROLLMENT (except AU-ABC for WY ANG) through an out-of-state Main Campus is not approved.

    • Some campuses or programs may not be approved, contact the Administrator before you enroll if you have questions on payment.

    • Maximum tuition payable for the academic year is $1500 per semester period for full-time enrollment.

        • Credit hours and term length determine amount payable.

    • Payable three times per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer semester periods.

        • Fall = Aug through Dec

        • Spring = Jan through May

        • Summer = May through Sep

Any combination of WYNG Educational Assistance, Federal T/A, Post 9/11 GI BILL or Combat Veterans Educational Assistance may not exceed 100% of tuition & fees.