Welcome to the Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance Plan

WYNG Education Assistance applications for the Summer 2024 semester are now CLOSED. Fall 2024 applications will be accepted from 1 August 2024 to 1 October 2024, based on legislative funding availability.   

If you need assistance, please contact Jenna Chapin at 307-777-8160 or jenna.chapin@wyo.gov.   


You must complete an APPLICATION and EA Agreement for each term, attach your UNOFFICIAL transcript (unless you are a new student), and click on "SUBMIT" on the INDEX page!

The Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance Plan is an alternative to Federal Tuition Assistance at post-secondary institutions within the State of Wyoming.  This program is a state funded plan for the Wyoming National Guard.

All applications are sent to your unit for verification of good standing.  After verification they will be downloaded for approval by the program Administrator.  Changes to program, cumulative GPA, and eligibility will be reviewed before you and the school are notified of approval by email. 

The plan pays 100% resident rate tuition and mandatory fees (base fees applicable to all students) at state sponsored Community Colleges and the University of Wyoming.  At a private institution within the state or an institution having an agreement with the DOD (Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative: AU-ABC), the plan pays the AVERAGE of UW and Community College full time tuition and fees per semester period. The amount changes each academic year. 

 GO HERE  for AU-ABC information and requirements.

 GO HERE  for payment details.

The WYNG Educational Assistance Plan DOES have a service commitment. 

This commitment is six years in the Wyoming National Guard and two years of service after the the last day of the term the plan is used. 

Both requirements must be satisfied and all service must be in actively drilling status. Application for payment is agreement to this commitment.


The Plan only pays towards ONE PROGRAM:

Participants must be in good standing and eligible for reenlistment or continuation of service. 

Participants must have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA to continue receiving Educational Assistance.

Courses at multiple schools may be taken as long as they apply to the degree program pursued.

Recreational courses must apply to the degree or program and may not be duplicated.

Participants have 10 years to complete a program.

Late applications (after institutional drop/add date) may be denied or limited in payment.

Withdrawal from a course is subject to repayment.


Read the legislation: W.S. 19-9-501 through 504 

EA Agreement Form instructions